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Welcome to our Walking & Talking Tour!
We are English-speaking locals in Nezu area.
The purpose of this tour is to help you know Japan well and
help you enjoy your stay in Japan.

Do you know why shrine gates are red?
Can you tell shrines from temples?
Are you curious about unmapped paths?
Don't you need any advice on shopping or sightseeing?

We'll guide you and answer your questions while taking a walk.

A good chance to communicate with locals and get useful information
for your trip! Please feel free to join us!

Tour Information

Day: the 2nd and 4th Thursday every month
4 / 13, 27
5 / 11, 25
6 / 8, 22
7 / 13
9 / 7, 21

Time: from 10:00 a.m. ( 60 to 90 minutes )

Course: Nezu Shrine → narrow local paths → Gyokurinji Temple

Fee: ¥5 / each

*You can see some pictures of the tour spots.
Click the buttons on the left side.

How to Book

If you want to join this tour,
kindly click the "click here" button in the BOOKING box on the left
and send a booking message to us by 18:00 of the day before the tour.

In the message, please be sure to write down
・your name
・your nationality
・the date you want to join
・your email address

We'll send you back a confirmation message and tell you when and where
to meet on that day.

We are looking forward to your booking.

*Please be careful of cars, bikes, and others while walking.
We are not responsible for any accidents during the tour.

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